Sending snacks from all over the world to the hands of customers is a little change to make big differences.

A Dream Inspired by a Words

Dream Budding

In 2004, Mr. He Boquan (former chairman of ROBUST) put forward an appropriate career for entrepreneurship - “Delivering snacks worldwide to customers’ houses can make small business bigger”. At that time, Mr. Yang Hongchun kept the words in mind.

After Mr. Yang Hongchun left KELON in 2005, he joined JiuJiuYa and learned how to transform from a professional manager into an entrepreneur from Mr. Liang Xinke and Gu Qing. With almost one year’s time, Mr. Yang visited 100 companies with his university classmate Mr. Zhang Guoqiang throughout every corner in Wuhan, and finally wrote a business plan with three versions. Mr. Yang thought that the temporal market had an objective chance of “two bases and one conflict”. The two bases refer to: the upgrade of customers’ demands, which means that customers need snacks that can make them enjoy high-quality life; and Chinese industrialization of agriculture in which distinctive basis with certain scale in China gradually emerge. The conflict refers to that customers begin to upgrade their demands and seek for high quality while the market is general and extensive but not professional with high quality. The two bases and one conflict provide living soil for BESTORE’s professionalization on category subdivision for snacks and brand operation of retail chain.


With more than 60 products ready, the founders of BESOTRE finally opened the first store at Wuhan Plaza on August 28, 2006.

Origin of BESTORE

Origin Of The Name

BESTORE is selected from more than 300 names and determined on the basis of the team’s fundamental recognition on retail chain service of leisure snack.


In April 2006, Mr. Yang Hongchun and Mr. Zhang Guoqiang mobilized all friends, colleagues and classmates to name their career, and more than 300 names were collected in one week and finally ‘BESTORE’ was chosen for registration. The reasons for naming as BESTORE are explained here. Food career should be carried with conscientiousness and food safety is most important. Leisure food, in common words, refers to snacks; eating snacks is not about low price and quantity but enjoyment and happiness during eating. Exquisite quality is the very essence. ‘Store’ is the earliest business form in China which makes customers feel close, natural and relaxed. Meanwhile, “BESTORE” represents the team’s recognition on this career, that is, however large the sales volume is, BESOTRE is always “a place serving people” with a mode of retail business.